Sunday, October 30, 2011

Respect the Tater

It is very important to treat a Large Black Hog boar like our Tater with all of the respect and dignity that is his due as the undisputed king of the barn yard.  

(Even if he is named after one of his all-time favorite foods...)

Summer is Way Past

We've had a couple of snows already.  The mountains are capped in white.  And I am still asking myself -- where did the summer go?!

We sold most of this summer's litter as breeding stock, raising a couple for ourselves through the winter. 

Fall 2011 CSA Large Black Hogs

These sleek and glossy animals are going to the processor mid-November, just in time for Thanksgiving!  

They were born in the dead of winter last year, on an evening when it was twenty below.  Our Large Black Hog sow Prudence seems to wait until I get home from work, every single time, to go into labor.  These barrows have lived with a herd since the day they were born, have had room to romp, roam, play and just be a pig.