Sunday, July 25, 2010

Piglet Cam: Large Black Hog Piglets at 8 Weeks Old

These Large Black Hog piglets are now 8 weeks old. We weaned them a couple of weeks ago. They were tiring their poor momma out! I'd estimate they are about 35 pounds right now, solid as iron ingots, sleek, shiny, and loving their hay, grain, and green "salads" we gather in armloads from around the fruit trees in the orchard.

Next weekend, we'll open up the paddocks, so they will be pastured again with their momma, who has regained her girlish figure back. She has had a much deserved rest, but will be ready for company. Once the barrows are a little larger, they will move in with their very big daddy. We may actually have everyone pastured together for a little while. Still working on the logistics of that one.

See how the piglets grow: