Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In Praise of Large Black Hog Ears

 When I call my Large Black Hog piglets or if they just get wind of the fact that I'm around (and I'm beginning to think they have some kind of built in radar) here they come, rollicking, frolicking, snorting, chortling, growling, ears flying in the breeze and flapping against their bristled heads like leather aviator hats, elephant ears, flap jacks ... bat wings?

I expect them to take flight any day now.

Boy won't that scare the neighbors.

I awake

It doesn't matter that one of my horses is a Percheron who weighs in at a cool 1600 pounds, and that I'm so used to the big gentle lug that his size doesn't remotely faze me, although his exuberant friendliness sometimes scares the uninitiated visitor, especially when he comes trotting down from the top of the pasture like a steam locomotive just to say hello.

I awake at 2AM the other morning with the realization that one day this cute little baby boar

will grow up into this--

And in one of those heart pounding, all by your lonesome (even though my dear husband is snoring soundly right beside me) middle of the night moments, when most people are contemplating their mortality or the nature of the universe, I resolve to become even better friends with sweet Tater.