Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Our wary and evil geese consider their options when faced with the interloper piglets who've just moved into the neighborhood.  Little do they know that piglets love big juicy goose eggs.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Where we begin

With Large Black Hog piglets, of course.

What a journey for such little ones.  Our Large Black Boar, Tater, hails from just north of Houston, Texas.  And our Large Black Gilt, Prudence, is from Oklahoma.  A native Oklahoman myself, I am tempted to name her Sooner.  But naming any farm animals is a family affair around here, subject to a somewhat democratic process, and I don't win this one.

We traveled from our place near Santa Fe, New Mexico to the Oklahoma Texas line to pick these two up.  Having spent the last 20 years in the Pecos Wilderness, in the "foothills" of the Rocky Mountains,  I am mesmerized by the flat plains of West Texas and the grain silos against the pale blue sky.  I'm equally mesmerized by the way the piglets' enormous floppy ears fan out in the wind when they lift their bristly heads in their kennels in the back of the pickup truck as we speed west down I-40.  They hold their snouts aloft, sniffing the air that is becoming cooler and thinner as we ascend to their new home 7,000 feet above sea level.  Perhaps they are trying to get their bearings.

You should see the looks we get at the Stuckeys gas stations along the way when we crawl into the back of the pickup truck to check on our precious cargo, this tiny ark that just might help preserve this rare breed for the future.  People are eyeing the contents of the two crates and some must be thinking that if I bought some black lab puppies, I sure got stuck with the dregs of the litter.

We tuck two tired piglets into their stall in the evening, and they snuggle together in the deep straw bed, a comfort to each other.  I tell them goodnight.

So our Large Black Hog farming endeavor begins.